Throughout my years of experience, I have come to realize that it is impossible and inadvisable to differentiate between a person’s mental and emotional state at any stage of treatment. The better we are able to provide an extensive and profound response to the present situation, the greater the chance for a successful treatment, leading to recovery and a healthier life in the future.

My guide is always long terms success, whether in complex reconstruction of the head and neck or any other organ, or plastic surgery for aesthetic purposes. The ultimate goal of every process is to reach a long term positive result, regardless of the motivation that has led the patient to me. The intent is always the same, whether dealing with cases of life threatening situations or when seeking to improve one’s physical condition.  

Beyond my extensive experience and unique expertise, I make sure that each process leads to effective results and to the restoration of a functional and desirable routine life. The treatment’s success stems from a combination of professional and humane factors, as well as the establishment of a personal relationship with patients and an ongoing strive to improve their quality of life.