Fat Injection Lipofilling

Injecting endogenous fat from the patient is an effective surgical procedure for repairing a volume defect, whether as part of esthetic surgery, as a reconstruction, or as a single treatment of sunken scars, traumatic depressions, or spontaneous absorption of fat in the face or breasts. A high concentration of stem cells is found in the body’s fat tissue, and these are injected with the fat cells. The stem cells help to improve the acceptance of the injected fat.

The fat is aspirated from different areas in the body, mostly from the wall of the lower abdomen. The area from which the fat is to be aspirated is loosened by injecting a saline solution containing adrenaline, which reduces the bleeding, along with a local anesthetic. Injecting the solution permits effective suctioning of the fat, while minimizing damage to the fat cells. The fat is suctioned into syringes with special cannulas of an appropriate diameter, and is treated before being injected by separating the liquids from the solution with the help of a centrifuge. The aqueous layer and oil that come from destroyed fat cells are removed from the syringe, and the pure fat that remains is transferred to smaller syringes for the purpose of controlled injection.

Injection of the fat into the treated area is performed using special thin cannulas that permit the transfer of fat cells that suffer minimal damage in the process. Injection of the fat is accomplished using a small droplet technique rather than as a single mass. The size of the droplets is important in order to allow acceptance of the transplanted fat cells, and to enhance their blood supply. The injection is usually carried out via number of injection sites, and at different depths, in order to prevent a large concentration of fat, which could obstruct its acceptance. The proper injection technique enables survival and maximum acceptance at a level of up to 80%. The injection of fat is not always possible in large volumes, and therefore it becomes necessary to undergo a repeat injection in order to achieve the desired volume and the optimal symmetry.

Dr. Aharon Amir: Fat Injection