Reconstruction For Life - Dr.Aharon Amir

I believe that the essence of my work is my ability to rehabilitate all patients, helping them resume a functional and healthy lifestyle – both physically and mentally. i call this “Reconstrunction For Life”. my mission is to work in full collaboration with all my patients, driven by a goal to reestablish their lifelong path of health.

My professional approach focuses on reconstructing the lives of my patients. This is an original and integrative approach, which combines professional medical reconstruction with a restored quality of life. Achieving an external physical appearance is only part of the process, which includes the restoration of complete functionality, comfort and upcompromising aesthetic results.

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    Reconstructive surgery of the head and neck area is my common practice and is often a complicated surgical task. The head and neck area is highly compacted with functionally important anatomical structures, some of which are highly aesthetically related. Hence, every reconstructive procedure in this area, and especially in the face, requires specific consideration in order to restore functionality and to achieve a pleasing appearance.