It was important for me to create a place where I can meet with patients in a pleasant, supportive and safe environment. The calmer and more relaxed the patient feels, the better the recovery process.

My clinic is open to you. It was established with the goal of providing a professional, personal and suitable response to the needs and wishes of patients in the long run. We have created a comfortable and pleasant space where you can come and receive information and assistance. The clinic’s staff is trained to treat a wide range of cases and to respond to the individual needs of all patients, recognizing that each person is unique and different. We respect our patients and the teams we work with, and make sure to maintain full confidentiality and ethical rules, which guide us throughout every stage of our work. Each call received by the clinic is dealt with in a professional manner and in an effort to provide an appropriate response to the complexity of the cases we treat. We adhere to a very high professional standard, from the initial contact point throughout the entire relationship with our patient.