My professional outlook is driven by an acknowledgement of the fundamental human needs of each and every person.

Physical treatment and surgical response are only one aspect within a comprehensive therapeutic package which includes: acquaintance, conversation, understanding, path definition and guidance. Ultimately, this integrative approach leads to positive results of body and mind. It is about paving the way in terms approach and perception, and not only a single intervention. My goal is to enable patients to cope with the challenges they are facing in an optimal manner, and to be conscious partners along their road to recovery.   

The advantages of my work:

Medical Quality and Excellence: Extensive and diverse experience in microsurgical reconstructions

Expertise: Specialization and unique experience in complex reconstructions, with particular focus on head, neck and breast

Results: A process that leads patients to full recovery and to a routine life, while coping with complications and the effects of surgery

Precision: Exact results, based on precise planning and paving a path to recovery and functioning

Availability: Shorter waiting time before treatment

Process: A comprehensive, wide ranging and long term approach. The treatment begins before the surgery and continues long after