Fat Injection Lipofilling

Injecting endogenous fat from the patient is an effective surgical procedure for repairing a volume defect, whether as part of esthetic surgery, as a reconstruction, or as a single treatment…

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Ears Otoplasty

The structure of the external ear has only esthetic value, with protruding ears being the most common complaint. There are various structural distortions of the external ear, and several of…

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Nose Rhinoplasty

The esthetic appearance of the nose is important for the entire face, particularly because it is the central and most prominent feature. The size of the nose is directly proportional…

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Eyelids Blepharoplasty

The surgical treatment of eyelids can be performed separately or in conjunction with face and neck surgery. Eyelid surgery itself contributes to a youthful appearance, and its goal is to…

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Face Lift

The aging process of the face is expressed in looseness and sagging of the skin and deep tissues, as well as loss of volume in both the fatty tissues and…

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